Arken Zoo



Arken Zoo – a chain of pet stores – needed to find a campaign concept fully embodying their tagline “we love animals” for the 2019 summer season.

During the warmest summer months, and especially around the shopping malls where most of the Arken Zoo shops are located – there’s a reoccurring problem that can be a literal life and death issue for mans’ best friend: Dogs left in cars parked outside in the sun – while their owners comfortably stroll through air-conditioned stores inside.


So besides drawing attention to the issue, and explaining just how dangerously hot the inside of a car can get in direct sun – we decided to create a solution for the problem: A dog parking, where you could put your dog in a caring and safe environment while shopping, also allowing you to check in on your four-legged friend at any time via a live camera feed available in your cellphone.


During the campaign period, the initiative received a lot of positive attention and spread in Arken Zoo’s social media channels – and in addition to that, the staff of Arken Zoo were overwhelmed by appreciative, inquisitive and thankful comments in their stores for doing something that was more than just informing about the situation. But most important of all: A large number of dogs got to spend a nice and cool time in the dog parking, instead of suffering in a hot car while waiting for their owners.