Oslo. The city where you’re as close to nature as urban experiences with world class art and architecture! All year round, and only a few hours by train from Gothenburg. But a lot of Swedes have a very dated view of Oslo – of flag waving and national day celebrations. And that old “Lusekofta”-sweater somewhere in the back of the closet. 


That’s why we created “Offrakoftan” (“SacrificeTheSweater”). A competition event in Nordstan in Gothenburg, where Swedes could literally trade in their old Oslo-associations for new ones. Everyone who sacrificed their sweater by trading it in, got a gift card for a Norway-trip instead – and one lucky competitor also won a fully curated weekend trip of their dreams.


During the event, approximately 100 people took active part in the competition, and the Visit Oslo messaging was exposed to roughly 700 000 people.