Regional fully electric solutions


The entire transport industry is waiting for electric vehicles with longer range, more powerful engines and faster charging to move from covering urban assignments, to regional transports – and eventually long haulage.But it doesn’t just take a better truck with new technology. Electrified transports demand a much bigger picture. It’s not until you consider charging and infrastructure, financing and insurance, and a tailored selection of services that you can maximize transport efficiency and allow electric transports to compete with combustion engines from the business perspective.So, with a new truck with modern technology to launch – how do you achieve the balance between communicating both the solution and the vehicle?


Scania doesn’t just deal in vehicles. They also deal in the currency of “trust”. To maintain all that trust already associated with Scania as a brand, as well as establishing new relationships built on trust, we developed the concept “Electrification changes everything – but our promise”. To be honest and transparent regarding the challenges, but ensure the customers that Scania fully understands how to overcome the complexity, and will take full responsibility for a holistic solution – staying by your side long term.Visually, we put the truck front and center, in an abstract infinite world – and then surrounded it by the other components of the solution. At the same time, we transitioned from talking about a new generation of a truck, and instead adjusted the perspective to launching “electric solutions for regional transports”, with trucks capable of handling the type of assignments that are most common in this range segment, e.g. temperature controlled goods, bulk and hook-lift operations.


The campaign, which was built on a number of films and ads in both traditional and digital media, was launched in June 2022, and is a long roll-out in global channels. The most mature markets set the direction for other markets to follow, not just this year – but also in 2023.The assignment also covered developing solutions, material and tools teaching the internal organization both how to communicate about their products and services in a new way, and how to sell them. Material which has been used to develop new assets and been included in e.g. sales training.