O.P. Andersson

127 years of hard work. In a cocktail?


O.P. Anderson is one of the most tradition-affiliated brands in Sweden. An aquavit brand that’s been a central part of our major holidays – as well as the occasional herring-lunch – for close to 130 years. But as consumption of aquavit as straight schnapps is on a slow decline, it’s important even for O.P. Anderson to find new contexts for their products.

The rapidly growing appreciation for well-made craft cocktails is the perfect match for high quality, expertly flavoured and barrel aged spirit such as aquavit – providing that very context O.P. Anderson needs.


So how do we position O.P. Anderson as a cocktail base for a new audience, without betraying the faithful traditional consumers that strongly feel that aquavit doesn’t need to change? Well, actually by dramatizing that very notion. To let the brand itself ask the burning question: “128 years of hard work. In a cocktail?”


In big part due to regulations regarding alcohol advertising, the campaign relied solely on non-traditional media and was published on a number of lifestyle platforms – packaged together with editorial content showcasing the craftsmanship and quality of O.P. Anderson.