Scania V8 Bracelet


Scania is a global brand with a long history, well-known for building premium trucks, engines and buses. Something they’re less known for is developing digital services, so when they launched a smart watch for truck drivers – that was definitely newsworthy in itself. But how do you create excitement for the launch of their second generation of smart watches – when that newsworthiness was all used up? And how do you appeal to a customer base that’s much more interested in rumbling V8’s, turbos and torque?


In the history of Scania, there’s a specific engine that’s become all but legend. The first Scania V8 – the LB140. It was the engine that in the end of the 60’s gave Scania the nickname “King of the Road”. After a lot of searching, we eventually managed to find an LB140 engine block in Greece. One that was beyond restoration for transport uses – but our goal was to give it new life in a different way: By melting it down, and creating a limited edition V8 watch bracelet from that very metal, to sell alongside the second generation Scania smart watch.

The bracelet was launched with a very cinematic film taking us along for the ride from engine block to bracelet. We also created a behind-the-scenes video, to show the customers that it was all done for real. No shortcuts, and no cheating.


The film ”The king of the Road. Reborn” was published in Scania’s social media channels, with more than 2.5 million followers – and was met with record braking engagement rates.

So how did we get Scania fans to care about a second generation smart watch? Well, by quite literally attaching it to a physical piece of motoring history.