Qatar Airways

Gothenburg – Doha


Qatar Airways was launching their first direct flights between Gothenburg and Doha, and establishing and positioning themselves as an airline in the premium segment.


One of the most universally accepted truths around air travel, is that airline food is generally far from fantastic. A truth Qatar Airways takes every chance to challenge. So we wanted to show the people in the Gothenburg region how this ambition regarding airline food could be packaged as a fine dining experience – and launch the restaurant “Göteborg–Doha”.

The public were invited to make reservations – and within hours, all the tables for all days were fully booked. The entire project was documented, and the resulting film was used in Qatar Airways global communication to showcase their attention to detail and experience quality, as well as further establishing Gothenburg as a tourism destination for an international audience.


The project and resulting film generated a lot of spread and awareness for the new Göteborg – Doha flights, both domestically and internationally. And just a few months after the launch, Qatar Airways doubled the amount of flights to and from Landvetter airport.