O.P. Anderson

Aquavit Stories


O.P. Anderson is not only the most sold Aquavit in Sweden, but also the original Swedish Aquavit – having been around for 130 years. Outside of Sweden, O.P. Anderson is also a popular choice in Denmark and Germany, and the focus is to grow in new markets, such as Great Britain and the US. There is however a lot of competition, which means O.P. Anderson needs to constantly work hard to stay relevant – not just to existing, but also potential target audiences. To grab every opportunity to create engagement, primarily via Instagram.


A brand that has such a long history craft Aquavit naturally has lots of stories to tell. Considering every individual opportunity where a bottle of O.P. Anderson has been opened and served – the story potential grows even further. But O.P. Anderson, a drink that has historically been enjoyed straight up as a shot, is also very well suited as a cocktail base and can paired with a wide variety of food. This leaves us with an incredible variety of stories to tell.

So, we developed Aquavit Stories. A “TV-format” for Instagram IGTV, where we told some of these stories.

Six standalone episodes where we bring the viewer along for the stories that explain what makes Aquavit different from other spirits, it’s historical medicinal usage, the traditions and drinking songs so heavily associated with an O.P. Anderson toast, how to drink it to maximize the flavor experience, how to think in regards to aquavit cocktails as well as the best food pairings.

The episodes are between three and four minutes long, and are hosted and narrated by the world’s only Aquavit Master Blender, Jonas Odland.


The number of Instagram followers increased by approx. 10% and the episodes turned out to be the posts with the highest engagement for the entire instagram account history. And on top of that, each episode provided O.P. Anderson with a reason to communicate  – creating even further engagement.